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Fighting For Victims Of Surgical Errors

Whether your operation was planned or an emergency, you depend on all members of your medical team to handle this intricate task with skill. As a surgical patient, you expect that the professionals treating you are properly trained and equipped to respond to complications that may occur throughout your procedure.

When medical professionals make a surgical mistake, you could suffer severe injuries that diminish your quality of life and are expensive to treat. At Frankovitch, Anetakis, Simon, Decapio & Pearl, LLP, we know that the stakes are high after an operating error. Our attorneys have fought for countless West Virginia victims of surgical negligence and other medical malpractice matters.

What Are Examples Of Surgical Negligence?

A surgical error can occur before, during or after your operation and involve any member of your surgical team. For a successful operation to occur, each team member must be prepared, fully alert and ready to adjust at a moment’s notice.

Our lawyers have represented patients who have suffered injuries due to their surgical team’s failure to diagnose, treat or provide the proper medication for their procedure. We handle a variety of surgical error claims, including:

  • Medication errors, such as overmedication and anesthesia errors
  • Post-operation complications relating to infections or leaving instruments in the patient’s body
  • Surgeries performed on the wrong side or on the wrong organ

When you speak with us, we will review all matters relating to your claim. We utilize medical experts to review medical records before we recommend a course of action. It is important to us that you understand your case’s possible outcomes before you begin this lengthy legal process.

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