The oversized pickup trend is leading to more fatal accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Motor vehicle accidents |

An interesting phenomenon has happened over the years, in that pickup truck design has changed significantly. Trucks in the past were smaller and had more simplistic designs, geared around a simple cab and a large bed to carry materials on a job site. 

But modern trucks are much larger, and they keep getting bigger and heavier every year. Many people drive these pickup trucks when they’re just going to the office or the grocery store, rather than using them for any type of work or physical labor. Researchers have referred to this as truck bloat, and it has had a significant impact on the fatal accident rate in the United States.

Why vehicle size matters

There are a few issues with oversized vehicles, such as modern pickups. First and foremost, tall vehicles have huge blind spots. This is very dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. For example, one study claims that if a vehicle has a hood that is 40 inches or more above the ground, it is roughly 45% more likely that that vehicle will kill a pedestrian. 

Additionally, the size and weight of a vehicle contribute to the amount of energy transferred into the other vehicle during a crash. Those in smaller vehicles typically have much more severe injuries and higher odds of passing away. A modern pickup truck could be twice as big as a passenger car, despite the fact that both drivers are simply commuting on the interstate.

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