Most car accidents take place close to home

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There’s an old saying that most car accidents happen when you’re close to your house. People will often lament the fact that they crashed within just a few miles of getting home, feeling like they had almost made it safely to their destination.

Studies have found that this is more than just a popular saying. It’s true. In one study, roughly 62% of all car accidents happened within 7 miles of the individual’s house. This is true for both female drivers and male drivers. Most people who get involved in accidents, even those that are severe, will be relatively close to home when it happens.

Why is this true?

The biggest reason why this is true is just exposure. Car accidents only happen when people are driving, and most people don’t drive very far away from their home.

For instance, consider someone who takes their children to school 5 miles from their house. The nearest store is about 2 miles away. Their daily driving will probably be within this radius.

Even someone who works further away from home still may spend a significant amount of their commute in this danger zone. For example, if someone’s employer is 10 miles away, the majority of that drive still happens within 7 miles of the house. Since this is where people spend the most time in the car, it is naturally where accidents are going to happen most often.

Have you suffered injuries?

You may drive safely near your house, but you could always be hit and injured by another negligent driver. If so, be sure you know how to seek financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages and more.