Why operating a car requires you to focus on one thing

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents |

Are you one of those people who find it really hard to do just one thing at a time, the sort of person who was forever told off as a child for fidgeting? Or perhaps you intentionally set out to do multiple things at once, believing you can get more done that way.

In both cases, you need to change your behavior when it’s time to drive.

All your attention needs to be on the road

Getting safely to your destination is the only thing that matters when you are behind that wheel. The meeting you have coming up or the phone call you need to take can wait; they are not as important as what is happening around you.

You should not treat driving as a chance to eat something, finish that cup of coffee or touch up your lipstick either. No matter how busy your schedule, these things are best left until you stop your car. Even catching up on a podcast or having the conversation you’ve been meaning to have with your spouse are best left for somewhere other than the car.

To be a safe driver, you must give all your attention to the road. Just because most drivers regularly do various other things while driving does not make it a good idea. If you have never yet crashed, despite regularly doing other things while driving, consider it luck rather than proof of your driving skill or ability to multitask.

Anything that requires even a smidgeon of your attention means you are less focused on the road. The roads are full of distracted drivers, and if you are in a collision with one, it will be much easier to claim compensation – instead of owing it to the others involved in the collision – if you can show you were not distracted at the time.