Ford rearview cameras for replacement in new recall

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Drivers are also consumers. They often stay on top of trends to know what tools or gear to purchase next for their vehicles. So, it is reasonably alarming when an item is defective, as they trusted the manufacturer to sell it in good condition.

Ford, a U.S. automaker, recently announced that 169,000 U.S. vehicles are bound for a recall. They will replace rearview cameras and update software in selected 2018-2021 Navigators, 2021 Broncos, 2020-2022 Corsairs, 2022-2023 Transits, and 2020-2023 Explorers and Aviators.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has followed the company in a series of recalls since 2021 for similar issues. But for this latest recall, although not citing any injuries or deaths, their reports revealed minor crashes.

The identified incidents only show that malfunctioning products can lead to road hazards. On the other hand, a functioning rearview camera can avoid losses.

How critical are working rearview cameras?

After the rise of front-facing dash cams, rearview cameras emerged. These are a combination of a dash cam and a rearview mirror. With its dual purpose, this system gives drivers a clear view of their surroundings without dealing with clutter in the mounting area.

Aside from expanding drivers’ field of vision, especially at night, rearview cameras are also crucial in:

  • Ensuring careful and comfortable maneuvering, especially when parking
  • Increasing the scope or angle of the mirror’s image, eliminating blind spots
  • Displaying colored guidelines and audible sensors to warn of unsafe distances from obstacles or other moving objects

When in a car crash, rearview cameras also store footage that can be helpful when establishing proof in a claim. But West Virginia drivers must also exercise extra vigilance when making a purchase. If used to support a case, faulty rearview cameras may only do more harm than good.

Can a working rearview camera save lives?

Any properly manufactured and used car component can make for safer roads. Drivers with broken products can work with their counsel to hold the manufacturer liable if they get into an accident directly because of it. After all, rearview cameras are meant to be an additional layer of protection and not to be yet another threat on the road.