Promote motorcycle safety and prevent collisions

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Statistically, a person riding a motorcycle is over 20 times more likely to suffer a traffic-related fatality than someone driving a passenger car. For this reason, West Virginia drivers are encouraged to pay special attention to motorcycle riders. Everyone can play a role in ensuring the roads are safe.

Benefits of riding defensively

Drivers of the passenger vehicle often cause many motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles by failing to notice the presence of the motorcycle. Larger vehicles like SUVs can easily overlook motorcycles due to their significantly smaller size and reduced profile, which makes them prone to hiding in blind spots.

To ensure their safety, motorcyclists can adopt defensive riding techniques and choose appropriate gear for the road. For instance, wearing a white helmet instead of a black one can enhance visibility and potentially decrease the chances of a collision.

Pay attention

Motorcyclists should prioritize focusing on the ride to ensure maximum safety. This involves refraining from distractions such as listening to music or engaging in cell phone conversations.

Additionally, it is essential for motorcyclists to use a well-maintained motorcycle equipped with the necessary safety features for riding both during the day and at night. Functional systems like antilock brakes are crucial. While these precautions cannot eliminate all motorcycle accidents, they significantly enhance the motorcyclist’s chances of experiencing a ride without any incidents.

Furthermore, drivers of passenger vehicles need to understand that their automobiles can inflict lethal damage on others. Drivers must be completely focused on the road.

It is worth noting that motorcycles lack built-in crash protection systems. Hence, motorcyclists and passenger vehicle drivers are responsible for being respectful and responsible while on the road.