Common birth injuries and potential causes

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Birth injuries are suffered by a West Virginia baby during the period before, during and immediately following childbirth. There are a number of factors that can lead to them. These include delayed birth, oxygen deprivation, viral infections, some medications and bacterial infections. Medical negligence is a common factor leading to birth injuries as well. Several different types of injuries occur as a result of brain damage.

Medical negligence and birth injuries

Medical professionals are expected to perform their jobs up to an expected standard of care. If the standard of care is not met, it may be deemed malpractice. Common types of medical negligence that may lead to birth injuries include failure to respond quickly to dangers, failure to properly diagnose health conditions of the mother or the child, improper use of equipment like a vacuum extractor or forceps, unnecessary use of force and failure to properly monitor the mother or the baby after childbirth.

Brain damage and types of palsy

Brain or nerve damage occurring during childbirth can cause cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy. Cerebral palsy is a categorical term that includes different disorders, each of them affecting the ability of the brain to control the muscles or nervous system. It may be caused by childbirth brain damage. Erb’s palsy is often the result of shoulder or arm nerve damage during childbirth. Both of these types of palsy have lasting effects on the person’s life and development.

Other childbirth brain damage disorders

Kernicterus is a rare brain damage disease resulting from severe jaundice in a newborn that goes untreated. It can lead to neurological issues and motor skill disorders. Newborn cephalohematoma results from ruptured blood vessels in the skin around the skull of the baby. It is possible that this disorder may heal on its own. Brain damage during childbirth can cause other injuries as well. With proper medical care, many birth injuries can be avoided.