Motorcycles and visibility

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A motorcycle is much smaller than a semi-truck or a sedan, meaning it could be harder to see. Drivers in West Virginia may need to be more careful to avoid an accident with a motorcyclist.

Motorcycles and accident risks

Interestingly, many drivers don’t always expect to drive near a motorcycle. Most people drive cars, trucks and SUVs, and there are fewer motorcycles on the road than other vehicles. That does not give a driver an excuse not to be mindful of motorcycles when commuting.

A vehicle will often change lanes during a drive, and all lane changes should involve the driver looking to make sure no one is in a blind spot. Looking at the mirror and not physically turning one’s head to see if cars or motorcycles are in a lane could lead to an accident. The potential for a collision might increase when the driver changes lanes aggressively.

Fault and motorcycle accidents

Negligence may lead to a traffic accident. A driver who cuts off a motorcyclist might be liable for any injuries inflicted. If the driver carried on a conversation with a passenger and did not look at the road, such behavior could constitute negligence.

Drivers might not be the only ones at fault for motorcycle accidents. Numerous personal injury lawsuits are filed against motorcyclists because their negligence caused a crash.

Motorcycles are more maneuverable than a car, allowing some motorcyclists to split lanes or even travel on the shoulder. Such actions could result in an accident, but many motorcyclists become comfortable with such behaviors. They may assume they avoided a collision in the past and one won’t happen in the future. Such attitudes and actions could prove regrettable.