Car seats in West Virginia might be very dangerous

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Product Liability |

A recent study found that car seats might not be as safe as we think they are. Researchers found that many car seats are ineffective in preventing injuries in the event of a crash, while others contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to our health. This is alarming news, especially considering the number of families in West Virginia that rely on car seats to keep their children safe while traveling.

The danger of car seats

Car seat manufacturers used chemicals such as bromine and chlorine to make their seats flame retardant. However, after finding out how toxic these compounds are, they switched to phosphorus-based chemicals. The problem is that there is little information about how safe these alternatives are. And they may still have the potential to cause serious health problems, such as cancer and developmental issues.

Besides, car seats might not be as safe as we think when an accident occurs. Yes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ratings show that they can amply protect an infant in a frontal crash. However, they don’t consider how well the seat protects a child in other types of crashes, such as side-impact or rollover accidents.

Actions you can take

If a defective car seat has injured you or your child, you may be able to file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. In West Virginia, product liability laws are governed by the state’s Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Under the UCC, manufacturers and sellers of products must ensure that their products are safe for use. Or if there could be a potential danger, the manufacturer must provide adequate warning labels.

If a product is found to be defective or there are no sufficient warning signs, manufacturers and sellers can be held liable for any injuries or damages that occur to their customers. The judge may want you to show the correlation of your injuries to the defectiveness of the car seat. This can be done using testimonies or other medical reports. If the car seat is found to be indeed flawed, you could receive compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.