Air fryers recalled for fire/burn injury risk

On Behalf of | May 4, 2022 | Product Liability |

Air fryers have become very popular over the past few years for many West Virginia residents who are focused on the healthy option of cooking without oil and still enjoying certain foods. Another benefit that many users may expect is actually a minimal chance for burning of both the food and the operator. However, the opposite is proving to be true as now a particular brand of air fryer is being recalled due to this very risk. The Insignia Company has been manufacturing these machines in a wide variety of styles, and all of them are being recalled by Best Buy due to a propensity for overheating during the cooking process.

The Best Buy recall

While the CPSC is only now in the investigation stage of processing complaints, Best Buy has decided to go forward with the recall beforehand. While product outlets are not typically held liable for defective products they sell, the potential for legal liability is such that Best Buy wants to mitigate as much product liability damages as possible with starting the unilateral recall early.

Potential flood of cases

Other companies are also watching this development as the CPSC continues to evaluate the machines that have been known to boil over, catch fire, or even melt in some instances. While there has only been one case involving injury to a child, there could be numerous defective product injury cases coming to the courts as consumers suffer damages from operating the devices that range from 3.5 quarts to 10 quarts in size.

Anyone in West Virginia who owns an Insignia air fryer should research the CPSC list of defective products and determine if they have purchased one. Regardless of whether it came from Best Buy or not, it is best to not use any air fryer on the list while a total recall is being determined.