Understanding common birthing complications can be informative

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If you’re having a baby in West Virginia, the labor process is typically straightforward. However, there’s always a chance for complications to occur. Shoulder dystocia, prolonged labor that doesn’t progress or an inadequate supply of oxygen to your baby are potential problems that might be encountered.

Longer labor time

Having a large baby, multiple babies or slow cervical dilations can result in prolonged labor. Taking pain medications might help how you feel. However, they can also slow down your uterine contractions. In some cases, it may be best to utilize a cesarean delivery to help ensure there are no major complications.

Low oxygen levels

Another indication that a cesarean delivery should be completed is when there are indications that your baby is receiving an inadequate supply of oxygen. Providing oxygen to your baby may be required to avoid personal injury and ensure your baby can sustain normal breathing at birth. Otherwise, the following complications may result:

  • High levels of carbon dioxide
  • Low oxygen levels- hypoxemia
  • Too much acid in the blood – acidosis

Shoulder dystocia

Having trouble getting your baby’s shoulders delivered vaginally can be challenging and lead to the following injuries:

  • Fetal fracture
  • Fetal brachial plexus injury
  • Hypoxic-ischemic brain injury

Applying specific maneuvers to change your position if you’re the mother or the baby’s shoulders may be attempted to solve the problem. Another technique is to use an episiotomy, which widens the vagina and makes room for the shoulders.


If your baby isn’t in the best position for vaginal delivery, it can lead to complications. This problem occurs if your baby is facing upward, lying sideways or has their head facing the wrong way. Using forceps or manually changing the fetal position may be attempted to remedy the situation.

Dealing with a challenging birth correctly is essential. The health and welfare of your baby depend on it.