Distracted driving accidents are on the rise

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents |

A number of recent studies have shown that accidents involving distracted driving are on the rise. This is true in Weirton, West Virginia and in other parts of the country. The number of incidents has risen while 9 out of 10 drivers admit to using smartphones while behind the wheel. This is a trend that worries experts.

Too many people are distracted while driving

The total number of motor vehicle accidents in the USA has risen dramatically in recent years. Much of this rise is due to the fact that too many people are distracted by their cell phones. People use them to check the weather and GPS or to call their friends.

The unfortunate result of even a moment’s distraction can be a potentially fatal crash. One study showed that the vast majority of drivers polled knew that using their cell phones while driving was a source of danger. However, they continued to do so anyway. This was due to them feeling the need to multitask.

What can you do to avoid an accident?

The recent spate of studies on distracted driving show that this is a trend that is steadily on the increase. As a result, paying full attention to conditions on the road has become more crucial.

You should also be aware that there are serious fines and other consequences if you are pulled over for distracted driving. These fines are in place to discourage this behavior.

If you have a need to talk on the phone while driving, you can use a Bluetooth or similar no-hands device. This will help you to keep your hands free and your eyes safely on the road. The more attention you pay to conditions around you, the less chance you have of getting in an accident.