Understanding PTSD related to medical malpractice

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Have you had emotional trauma due to medical malpractice? Residents of Weirton and nearby areas of West Virginia may want to learn more about how medical malpractice can cause emotional trauma. If you have been hurt at the hands of a trusted doctor or medical facility, you may be suffering financial burdens, physical injuries and emotional damage. Pain and suffering are not only physical when medical malpractice is present.

Fear of doctors remains

According to Psychreg, the recklessness or carelessness of someone else can bring on emotional symptoms. This is because you trusted another party for your care and safety.

After a medical malpractice event, you may be fearful of ever going to a doctor. You may be afraid of falling into the same situation again.

Symptoms of PTSD appear

Those who survive medical malpractice may develop PTSD. Symptoms may include the following:

  • Changes in behavior or mood
  • Severe anxiety
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Increased irritability

A trigger may bring on the symptoms, such as music you heard just before surgery. There may also not be a trigger at all, which makes PTSD unpredictable.

Emotional reactions may make it hard to do the things you once loved, such as your favorite hobbies. This can lead to other issues.

Depression may be the result

With your favorite hobbies and pastimes no longer available to you after a medical malpractice incident and the resulting emotional trauma, you may feel isolated. This may lead to depression as you are forced to create a new life due to the failure of due diligence in the medical profession.

Some ways to help the trauma and PTSD

It may be time for therapy. Working with a licensed professional may aid you in recognizing the triggers and symptoms; this helps you overcome the distress. You may also seek to regain lost funds due to medical malpractice.

Medical errors may take both a physical and emotional toll. Because the person or hospital that you trusted did not do their job correctly, you may have to deal with PTSD as you recover from the physical injury. You are entitled to compensation for these damages.