Why birth injuries have been higher in military hospitals

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

Birth injuries can happen no matter how experienced a doctor may be. Unfortunately, newborns who are born at a military hospital in West Virginia are more likely to be injured during birth than they would if they had been born at a different hospital. Here are several reasons why this is occurring.

Not reading medical records

It’s not uncommon for military hospitals to not have enough staff and deal with a lot of stress. Because of this, many doctors try to get patients in and out the door as quickly as possible. This often leads to them not thoroughly reading medical records, and this could put many unborn babies in harm’s way.

Lack of communication

Some birth injuries occur because of a lack of communication. Doctors and staff should always communicate with each other so that the patient can get the best care possible. When they fail to communicate, they may not be aware of a complication that a patient is having. Unfortunately, this can result in the baby being injured during birth even though it was avoidable.

Failing to listen to patients

Patients can provide a wealth of information about things like their prenatal care and complications that they’ve experienced during pregnancy. The staff at some military hospitals don’t always listen to their patients even though the mother is more than willing to share any of her pertinent medical history with them. This can result in fetal stress and an injury during birth.

If your baby sustained an injury during birth in a military hospital, you may want to consider seeking legal counsel so that you can determine what your next steps may be. An attorney will want to discuss what happened leading up to your baby’s birth and any long-term effects that he or she is experiencing.