Why hire an attorney after an auto accident?

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Automobile accidents may take the victims by surprise. Someone stopped at an intersection in West Virginia may be in the proverbial wrong place at the wrong time when a negligent driver causes a crash. Victims may seek an insurance settlement, which could be the appropriate response. However, doing so without the assistance of an attorney may be a regrettable mistake.

Losses and damages after an automobile collision

An insurance company may attempt to settle the accident for the lowest amount possible. Essentially, an adjuster employed by the provider could focus on saving the insurer money. An attorney who understands negotiations could work on a client’s behalf to procure a fair and reasonable settlement amount.

A lawyer’s ability to assess losses may assist with the process. Medical bills and damage to a vehicle may represent only a small fraction of a victim’s losses. Pain and suffering and other factors may play a role in settlement negotiations.

An attorney may even discuss suing beyond the policy limits or filing suits and claims against multiple parties. Was the driver on the job when the accident occurred? Perhaps the employer shares some responsibilities.

Injuries, accidents, claims and a wider scope

Accident victims may not realize the whole scope of the claims process. Sometimes, a settlement agreement proves impossible, and litigation in court may prove unavoidable. Suing a driver or an insurance company requires hiring someone with personal injury and trial experience.

Another option that may exist could involve alternative dispute resolutions (ADR), such as mediation and arbitration. This approach could be preferable to dealing with a trial. Accident victims may not realize that ADR approaches exist until a lawyer mentions them.

Experienced professionals may better understand the steps to take after motor vehicle accidents cause injuries and property damage. An attorney may provide such experience and assistance.