Are there unique concerns with truck collisions?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents |

Trucks remain a common presence on West Virginia roads as commercial trucks perform a wide range of services, from transporting vehicles to hauling away debris. Unfortunately, West Virginia, like many other states, experiences its share of truck accidents. These collisions often differ from car accidents and not only because of over-sized bulk.

Concerns about truck accidents

Fatigued driving along with distracted driving might contribute to trucking accidents. Commercial truck drivers must adhere to federal and state rules associated with consecutive driving time and mandatory breaks. When a driver or their employer violates these rules and an accident follows, ignoring the rules could provide a basis for a negligence suit.

When truck drivers engage in moving violations, such as tailgating, they further increase hazards. Some drivers may tailgate on purpose to force a vehicle out of the lane. Such impatience might lead to an accident. The size of a semi-truck may cause tremendous damage to property or injuries and fatalities to people. For these reasons and more, large trucks might pose added dangers.

Other issues with truck accidents

Trucks that carry loads further present potential dangers to other drivers and pedestrians. Loads not properly secured could lead to heavy items falling off the truck. With hazardous chemicals, poor safety procedures might lead to an incredible disaster.

When investigating a truck accident, a personal injury lawyer might ask whether there were mechanical problems due to poor maintenance or improper repairs. If so, then who was responsible for the truck’s shoddy condition?

Several questions may arise about who is at fault in the above situations. The driver, the trucking company, a third-party company or an independent repair center may be liable.

Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks could be complicated. Individuals injured in a trucking collision may need to consult with an attorney to learn about pursuing compensation for their injuries and other losses.