What are the symptoms of severe concussion?

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When West Virginia residents like you get into crashes, head injuries should be a top concern. One of the most common types of head injuries are concussions. Some people think all concussions are mild. Unfortunately, this is not true.

It is important to understand the range of symptoms concussions present. This way, you know what level of severity you are dealing with. This will help with treatment.

Three types of symptoms

Mayo Clinic looks at concussive symptoms ranging from mild to severe. The mildest of symptoms are often easy to miss. But severe symptoms stand out. They may even disable the sufferer. You can divide them into mental, physical and behavioral symptoms.

Physical symptoms

Physical symptoms are often the easiest to see. For severe concussions, this may include unconsciousness or inability to sleep. You may suffer from severe, debilitating headaches or head pain. Your vision could end up blurred or obscured. You may have sensory issues. This includes ringing in the ears or being unable to smell or taste.

Mental symptoms

Mental symptoms often revolve around confusion and memory loss. You may not recall the events surrounding the accident. You may also have short-term memory loss. This could make it difficult to get through a conversation. You may find it impossible to hold one without forgetting what you have said. “Brain fog” often occurs, which makes you feel groggy and out of sorts.

Behavioral symptoms

Behavioral issues often involve increased agitation and anger. You may want to snap and lash out at others. These feelings are often intensified by frustration brought on by memory loss. If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical attention.