Can a hospital commit malpractice?

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Going to the hospital for treatment or procedures should result in healing. However, in some cases, it may find you dealing with more severe medical issues than before.

Hospitals are businesses that deal with the care of patients. They provide a level of care critical to your health and safety. When something goes wrong, hospitals may face medical malpractice claims along with or aside from those who work there.

Unsanitary conditions

There is a measure of cleanliness to which all hospitals must adhere. With germs and infections rampant in medical facilities, a failure to properly look after instruments and surfaces may result in the increased likelihood of transmission. If you find yourself dealing with sepsis or MRSA during or after your hospital stay, it may prove that the hospital did not correctly adhere to sanitization protocol.

Employee wrongdoings

The hospital is liable for its employees’ actions. There are protocols and procedures in place that dictate things such as:

  • Maximum number of hours employees work
  • The administration of prescription medication
  • Charting all elements of a patient’s care
  • Wound care

When you suffer due to an employee’s missteps or negligence, the hospital is part of the problem. If a nurse, for instance, has worked too many hours because the hospital is short on support, it becomes liable for any mistakes she may make on the clock.

Your health is paramount, and hospitals have a duty to protect you while in their care. Even if a doctor or nurse is negligent, it may point to problems with the facility’s policies and procedures. It is, therefore, in your best interest to keep the hospital’s negligence in mind when considering a malpractice claim.