Are you experiencing delayed injury symptoms after your car accident?

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Recently, you were in what you thought was a minor car accident. At least it seemed minor. Is there a chance you suffered an injury that may crop up later on? 

To help you determine if you should seek financial compensation from the at-fault party for injuries, see what KTAR News says about delayed injury symptoms. You should not bear financial responsibility for another’s negligence. 

Back pain  

Have you felt a twinge in your back since the accident? Your ligaments, muscles or nerves may have sustained damage. Do not discount even the slightest discomfort, as lower back pain is common in over 50% of rear-impact collisions accidents. 


Experiencing headaches is another common delayed auto accident injury. Throbbing in your head could indicate a deeper issue, such as a head or neck injury, blood clot or concussion. 

Shoulder or neck pain/stiffness 

Any neck or shoulder pain or stiffness in the days following your accident could point to whiplash. This common delayed injury often occurs after rear-end crashes, even accidents where the speed did not exceed 14 miles per hour. 

Abdominal swelling or pain  

Internal bleeding often manifests as abdominal swelling or pain after car accidents. Closely examine your abdominal area for deep bruising, but you may also have internal bleeding if you experience fainting or dizziness. Take your suspicions about internal bleeding seriously, as the injury can be fatal. 


Rather than physical injuries, you may experience psychological disorders after your car accident. PTSD often manifests through nightmares, disconcerting memories of the accident and replaying the accident over in your mind. 

Take the above delayed symptoms seriously. Even a minor car accident can have a major impact on the body and mind.