Upholding scaffold safety requirements

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From hospitals and grocery stores to retail centers and infrastructure projects, West Virginia construction workers complete some of the most important building projects in the area. They are a critical component of a thriving economy, but construction jobs are also among the most dangerous. If you sustained injuries due to substandard workplace safety measures, you might have grounds for a personal injury claim. We often represent clients injured as a result of negligence on a construction site.

The American Society of Safety Professionals reports that scaffolding citations are one of the most prevalent OSHA violations. Used on virtually every type of construction, repair and maintenance project, more than 2.3 million construction workers frequently use this equipment.

Modern scaffolding technology

Although scaffolding is a traditional part of construction sites, today, you have access to more types of frames, safety equipment and platforms than in the past. Materials can include wood, steel and tubes of glass fiber in polyester matrix or nylon. Different kinds of sites require different materials and options.

For example, the tubular welded frame construction is easily assembled and disassembled. This configuration is ideal as a climbing device as long as the horizontal components that meet guidelines. Modular scaffolding provides easy access to areas that include piping and obstructions.

Worksite safety requirements

Passive fall protection in the form of guardrails does not hinder the work environment while preventing falls. Qualified engineers and proper training ensure that scaffolding systems meet the job site requirements and are correctly assembled and maintained. If your injuries are due to equipment falling short of safety requirements, the employer may be liable.