Recovering from a head-on collision

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Any way in which a vehicle is struck poses threats to the well-being of those riding inside, whether a car is struck from behind by a much larger vehicle or a car veers off of the road and hits a tree. However, Frankovitch, Anetakis, Simon, Decapio & Pearl, LLP knows how devastating head-on collisions are in many instances, and these wrecks have claimed a lot of lives in West Virginia. Head-on crashes are particularly devastating because the impact is often much more significant, especially when one vehicle is going over the speed limit or both vehicles are traveling at high speeds. In fact, even accidents within the speed limit and at relatively low speeds are sometimes disastrous when two cars crash head-on. 

If you were involved in such a wreck, you are lucky to have survived. However, you probably have other hardships to work through, which include physical pain due to injuries, financial concerns and even emotional trauma. Our law office has a lot of familiarity with these hardships and we know that these wrecks create challenges for entire families. It is imperative to do everything in your power to recover in all ways, and this often includes taking legal action against a careless driver. 

When head-on collisions occur, those riding in the vehicles involved are especially likely to sustain serious injuries such as brain trauma, broken necks, deep lacerations and other injuries. Focusing on the physical aspect of recovery is pivotal, but victims need to pay attention to other facets of the recovery process. Visit our injury section to go over more related to head-on crashes.