What are the four types of nerve injuries in an infant?

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Delivery is a stressful process on a mother and baby. When you give birth in West Virginia, there is the possibility that your baby will suffer an injury. A common issue is nerve damage, which usually occurs in the shoulder, arms and face. In newborns, there are four types of nerve injuries that could happen during the birthing process.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons explains nerve injuries during birth can lead to short or long-term effects on a baby. They usually happen when a delivery does not go smoothly. A breech birth, large baby or long labor can all lead to such injuries. Sometimes, a doctor or whoever delivers the baby can cause a nerve injury when pulling a baby from the womb.

The most severe type of injury is an avulsion, which is when the nerve tears away from the spinal cord. With an avulsion, there is no cure or fix. It becomes a permanent condition for the child and may limit movement or paralyze the affected part of the baby’s body.

Another severe situation is when a nerve suffers a rupture or a tear. A doctor may be able to repair a rupture, but this often leads to permanent and unrepairable damage.

The last two types of nerve injury are a neuroma and a neurapraxia. A neuroma is from stretching the nerve, which generally leads to scar tissue that usually causes long-lasting side effects that will not heal completely. A neurapraxia is the least severe nerve injury and will usually heal on its own. It is a stretch to the nerve that does not cause lasting damage to it. This information is for education and is not legal advice.