Insufficient sleep syndrome and traffic accidents

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For some people, sleep disorders prevent them from getting the right amount of sleep and turn their lives upside down. However, others may struggle with sleep-related issues even if they do not appear to have any sleeping disorder. For example, those who suffer from insufficient sleep syndrome may regularly miss out on the sleep their body needs, which can lead to fatigue, irritability and a host of other problems. Worse, these challenges can be particularly disruptive when it comes to driving abilities and may increase the chances of a traffic accident.

Many drivers suffer from fatigue, whether they have a demanding job, are struggling to adjust to a new work schedule or simply fail to get the right amount of sleep. People with insufficient sleep syndrome may not even realize that they are jeopardizing their health and their ability to stay safe behind the wheel due to constantly missing critical hours of sleep. They may voluntarily stay up late at night when they should be in bed, and even though they could get the right amount of sleep they choose not to. When this happens repeatedly, it can lead to high levels of fatigue that ultimately impact their performance on the road.

If you were hit by someone who has insufficient sleep syndrome, they may not even recognize the role that fatigue played in the crash. However, all factors that may have contributed to the accident should be examined and if you decide to take legal action, you should carefully review these details. Drowsy driving is a serious problem throughout the country, and it has led to the unnecessary loss of many lives.