Negligent driving habits that may lead to personal injury claims

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Driving through West Virginia may result in an accident. With so much that can go wrong behind the wheel, it is best not to do anything further that may result in a crash.

At Frankovitch, Anetakis, Simon, Decapio & Pearl, LLP, we aim to give you all the information you need to stay safe while traversing the roadways. Our wish is that you never find yourself in an accident. To help you avoid a crash, we provide the following information on some of the most negligent habits behind the wheel.

Distracted driving encompasses more than cell phone use

Drivers can become distracted behind the wheel for a variety of reasons. Texting and driving, social media, checking emails, these poor habits can lead to catastrophic crashes. However, distracted driving includes so much more than just the use of electronics behind the wheel. Anything that may take your attention away from the road ahead counts in this category. Some of the more popular distractions include pets, kids, eating while driving, changing the radio station and talking with passengers.

Driving with too little shut-eye 

It is not always possible to get the recommended daily allowance of sleep, and as such, many people find themselves exhausted within minutes of getting out of bed in the morning. Taking to the road in this condition may not seem dire, but it is. Driving while fatigued can result in signs and symptoms that mimic driving drunk. Even if your eyes are open, your reaction time will suffer due to brain exhaustion. Avoid taking the wheel if fatigued.

Negligent behavior while driving leads to accidents and personal injury lawsuits every day. Read more on the subject on our website by clicking here.