Do you know what to do to avoid a head-on collision?

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Unfortunately, not all drivers in West Virginia are as focused as they should be, which means you may find yourself staring straight inside the windshield or directly at the headlights of an oncoming vehicle in the wrong lane.

Driver’s Prep offers guidelines on how to react to the beginnings of a head-on collision. Decrease your chances of suffering from the consequences of another driver’s negligence.

Oncoming vehicle in your lane

You may encounter a vehicle coming straight at you on the highway driving in the wrong direction. If so, immediately brake while maneuvering your car to the right of the oncoming vehicle, blasting your horn and flashing your lights if you get the chance. Try your best to steer yourself onto the shoulder of the road.

Always maneuver to the right side

Understandably, you may panic when looking directly at another car driving headlong at you. Despite that, you need to do everything you can to remember to turn your car to the right and not the left. The reason for this is that if the other driver realizes her or his mistake and swerves back into the correct lane, you do not want to be in that lane. Also, by dodging into the left lane, you increase the chances of being in an accident when the tables turn and it is you who becomes the person in the wrong lane.

Do your part to prevent head-on accidents

Imagine learning that you inadvertently contributed to a head-on collision. For that reason, you must stay wholly focused on the road while behind the wheel. Driving the speed limit and always passing other cars safely also help.

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