Do you know how to safely navigate a roundabout?

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As a driver in West Virginia, you may have already come across a roundabout or two while on the road. After years spent with stop signs and traffic lights, do you know how to navigate these circular paths?

Geico offers useful tips on how to safely maneuver around roundabouts without clogging the flow of traffic. Hopefully, other drivers will do their part to learn how the circles work, to better avoid crashing into you.


When you first approach a roundabout, the first thing to do is to yield to all vehicles currently inside the circle making their way around to you. Just like when merging on the highway, you only want to take your place inside a roundabout when it is safe to do so.

Take it slow

What makes roundabouts preferable to standard intersections is vehicles stay in motion. That means you want to drive slowly while inside them, but you do not want to come to a complete stop. You can easily make another rotation around the circle if you miss your turn.

Enter in your turning lane

Decide what lane you need to exit from before entering a roundabout. When it is safe to do so, merge onto the roundabout in your exit lane. If you feel unsure about what lane you need to be in, go ahead and enter the roundabout and look for signs.

Keep an eye out for larger vehicles

Just like with regular intersections, trucks and other large vehicles need more room to turn. There may be a special section at the roundabout’s center lane for busses and the like. Be sure you stay off this lane, so you do not cause or become the victim of an accident.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.